Everything we learn this year in math class will be based on the Common Core Standards.

For more information on the Grade 5 Standards click here:

Go-Math Online Resources:

This math program is challenging and students WILL have to work harder than they have before but with the resources and tutorial videos on this website I will be with you EVERY step of the way.   Students will be assigned classwork assignments through Google Classroom and will be required to complete at least 30-minutes of IXL Math per week.   
On the
ThinkCentral website you will be able to see resources for Go Math!   

See below for some of the links to the resources: 

Think Central Portal 
Interactive Student Edition
Animated Math Models
On The Spot Video Tutorial
Math Interactive Tools
Student Workbook 
HMH MegaMath
Go Math Parent Letter 

Math Antics
A free resource with excellent videos, worksheets, and activities to help you practice the concepts we learn in class. 

Log in Instructions: 
Go to:
Math Antics

Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium (SBAC) Information, practice tests and resources related to the assessment.

Log in Instructions: 
Go to:

​​​​Prodigy  (small group work)
Prodigy is an engaging series of math games that challenges and rewards players as they progress. 

Log in Instructions: 
Go to:

ENTER Class Code:

2020 - 2021 Pilot Program Grade 5 Math

Eureka Math - Great Minds!
Formally known as EngageNY - Eureka Math is a well known, rigorous curriculum . Great Minds helps students to truly "see" math solutions and understand the standards.  

Log in Instructions: 
Eureka Math -Grade 5 Lessons 

Go to: Eureka Math 

Please see the "Distance Learning" page for all math lessons week-by-week.

​​​IXL Math  (30-minutes per week)
IXL Math is a comprehensive math review site with an unlimited number of practice questions.

BEFORE YOU BEGIN YOUR PRACTICE make sure you login with your username and password!!!

Log in Instructions: 
Go to:
IXL Math
Enter your username and password and click Sign in. 
User names:  first initial last name (some students have extra characters)
Username: first initial lastname @sheltonps
Example: fbriganti@sheltonps
Password is password1

email me if you need your child's sign in.

Once you log in: 
Follow the specific link to the standard listed on the assignment page. This will be listed in the Interactive resource column for the week.


1) Click Analytics at the top of your page
2) Underneath USAGE you will see Date Range it is set to show you the last 30 days - click the drop down menu and select CUSTOM - input the state and end date of the assignment. The page will then recalculate and give the the time spent practicing.

REMEMBER: Your time is only calculated when you are "Actively" practicing.

Authentic Performance Tasks (Exemplars)

A fun part of our learning this year will be using engaging performance tasks (a.k.a. exemplars). These are hands-on, standards-based assessment and instruction materials that focus on authentic learning in the areas of Math, Science and Writing. Each exemplar will have a rubric so students will know exactly what is expected and how they are graded. 


​​​XtraMath  (fluency builder as needed)
XtraMath is designed to build fluency in math facts. All students can benefit from fluency drills in all operations.

Log in Instructions: 
Go to:
Click Sign in. 

Enter Mr. Briganti's email address:   fbriganti@sheltonpublicschools.org 

Enter YOUR first name and first initial of your last name   (Sally B)

Enter YOUR four digit pin #   (contact teacher if you don't remember yours)

​Click 'Remember" sign in so that you only have to do this once.

Practice your math fluency! 

Khan Academy
An amazing digit library of learning videos on all topics. Mr. Briganti's own tutorial videos follow this style, 

Log in Instructions: 
Go to:
Khan Academy

Username: first initial, last name, number  (Example: fbriganti71)

BEFORE YOU BEGIN YOUR PRACTICE make sure you login with your username and password

Click on your name in the right hand corner
​Click Profile
Click > Progress
Click > Activity left hand side
Click > Activity From right hand side
Click > Custom Range (to dates of assignment)
NOTE: Time spent at school does not count towards your HW grade

A wonderful library of digital resources and learning tools. We will use these resources in whole and small groups. ​​

Log in Instructions: 
Go to:

Once you log in: 
Be sure to follow the specific link given in class or for homework. 


Our main source of math curriculum this year will be Go Math!  

NWEA (Northwest Evaluation Association)

Parents & Guardians:

We will be using the adaptive NWEA assessment this year.

Below is a link that provides a good summary of the questions most parents want to know.

Of course, as the assessments are completed they will be sent home and we will meet to discuss everything on them!

12 Common Questions Parents Ask About the MAP Growth Assessment